BB Trya /UK.
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                                                  Plus vat and delivery.                       Engine and instruments not included.
BB Trya microlight Flexwing by Solo Flight Ltd
The BB TRYA /UK is an adaptation of the competition winning BBO3 wing and the BB Trike.
With a 100% double surface, 11 sq meter wing. It is both fast, and light, in both pitch and roll. With a surprising amount of room for a single seat flex wing and a hands off trim of up to 60 mph it makes a good touring machine, and if you want to play, then its still one of the best handling flex wings on the market.
This kit requires no cutting or drilling, just supply the instruments and engine.
Ideal if you have a worn out flex needing a new lease of life.

Suitable for:-               Competition, Touring.
No. persons                              Single Seat SOLO FLIGHT BB TRYA FLEXWING FRONT
Surface                                     11,0 sq meters
Rate of double                          100%
Front angle                               126 deg             
Cruising(Trim) Speed                35-60 mph
Maximum speed                       83 mph
Take-off                                   30 mph
Landing speed                          28 mph
Stall speed                                24 mph
Max. take-off weight                 300 kg

  Construction of the BB Trike unit is predominately tubular Aluminum, which is bolted at junction points. Fairings are polyester glass fiber moldings. The trike has the highest seat weight of any British microlight being tested to 130kg. The trike is available in a choice of basic colors with others including metallic and custom paint available by request.
 The wing is of conventional construction and is100% double surface. The upper surface of the sail is made from Dimension Polyant Power ll Htp which has a high resistance to UV Light and is fully anti rip stitched, whilst the under surface is Dimension Polyant Color ll. Full length battens are fitted to both upper and lower surfaces . the wing is available in a multitude of colors.
The kit consists of all components to construct the basic trike, complete with comprehensive instructions. A direct line technical support number in case of emergency's is also provided. The kit can be constructed using basic tools. No drilling or cutting is required.

BB Trya flexwing microlight. a modern sleek look.    

The BB Trya is not only one of the toughest single seat flexwings it is also one of the best looking. With all fiber glass panels this microlight trike should also remain this way for many years. Supplied with a basic color, you can ether leave it has you receive the kit or  finish the kit to your own paint scheme.





The BB Trya has the highest seat wieght of any micro light aircraft.

The BB Trya is tested to the highest seat weight of  any microlight aircraft. With a seat weight of 130kg  and a large spacious cockpit even the larger pilot can enjoy the single seat flex wing experience. Alternatively the smaller pilot can trade off  this weight against luggage or fuel. 





The BB Trya kit when completed gives a professional built look to the microlight trike.

BB Trya flexwing microlight aircraft.