The wing is of conventional construction and is100% double surface. The upper surface of the sail is made from Dimension Polyant Power ll Htp which has a high resistance to UV Light and is fully anti rip stitched, whilst the under surface is Dimension Polyant Colour ll. Full length battens are fitted to both upper and lower surfaces . The wing is available in a multitude of colours.

Area                         11 sq metre.                Wing Span                9.56 m

Aspect Ratio                      8.30                  Glide Ratio        12 / 1  at 40mph

Mean Cord                         1.15 m              Weight                        40 kg

Double Surface                  100%                    Nose angle                    126 deg.

Cross Tube         5.2 meters  ( 2.6 each side).      King Post                      1.2 metres

A frame upright                      1.415 metres         Control Bar                  1.44 metres.

Wash out                                  -21 deg.                        

Stall speed                                24mph approx (depends on wing load etc).

Va                                              82mph.

Vne                                            63mph.