SSDR Trike  and Trya wing
                                                        Trike        32 kg.
                                                        Wing        40 kg.
                    Total weight of wing and trike is 72 kg
  Available weight for SSDR wing loading compliance  is 110 kg
 Available weight for engine and instruments    38kg
                            ONLY €4706.00 plus VAT

                   Engine instruments and delivery not included.
Solo Test flight video.

Trya SSDR flex wing trike.The SSDR version of the Trya is a light weight trike fitted to the already proved and section S tested wing in order to take advantage
of the lesser regulated SSDR category.

Why not have the peace of mind that comes from the fully C.A.A. Section S tested wing with the SSDR trike.The wing gives the same performance as the full BB Trya but comes under single seat deregulation rules. There fore giving similar performance to the full section s aircraft but with the lighter regulations of SSDR.
 The trike is of normal aluminum  tube construction,finished as standard in a anodized protective coating.  The tubes can also be supplied in a polished finish.

micro lite flex wing by soloflight limited.


The wing is available in a multitude of colors. The top surface being resistive to ultraviolet light and fully rip stop stitched the wing should stay looking good for many years to come.
The under surface is made in a variety of different colors.

solo flight bb trya ssdr flexwing trike.

The light weight trike and BB03 wing still  look
good and due to the lighter regulation can be
 customized to your own requirements providing
you stay within the SSDR category rules.
The wing is available in a multitude of colors.

SSDR  FLEXWINGTRIKE FROM SOLO FLIGHT LTDflex wing ssdr solo flight limited trike