Soloflight :- Old Park Lodge, High Road, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury,WF12 8BB.
Solo Flight.
Solo Flight Ltd Supplys the BB Trya flexwing microlight, the Solo SSDR flexwing microlight , the Solo35 4stroke v twin engine.
Trya / UK.
BB Wing.
SOLO 35 and 40 ENGINE

Solo Flight Ltd import and supply a range of high quality and  affordable single seat flexwings.
 The kits are based on the Hungarian World championship winning wing from BB Trikes.

 The BB wing is an 11sq meter wing with excellent
handling characteristics and a very wide speed range. It is very stable in flight but still needs only light control inputs in both pitch and roll.

 Our flag ship trike the Trya is a modified and Bcar section S certified Trike.  This is supplied as an easy to build kit complete with the BB wing. Just supply an engine and instruments  to complete.

Our SSDR Trike the SOLO is probably the best SSDR flex wing on the market. Still flying with the Section S approved wing to ensure your safety but with an high quality, lightweight but solid trike. Sold ready to fly together with our Solo35 or 40hp 4 stroke V twin engine this is a package that will be hard to beat.

Our  4 stroke V twin engine the SOLO35 and 40 are light weight 35 and 40hp engines which have been developed  for the  BB Trya. These are the engines that the SSDR categories have been waiting for, light and powerful yet  wont burn a hole in your pocket  to buy or run.